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[Blog Tour - Review & GIVEAWAY] Long After ~ Cheryl McIntyre

Long After

For Annie Phillips, there is a right way to do things and everything has a place. College and her flawless GPA are top priority, as is planning her perfect future. Anything less than perfection is unacceptable. So when she meets Loden Guiles, she believes she has finally found her perfect happily-ever-after.

Chase Malloy is funny, loyal, and an all around nice guy. He’s also sloppy, tattooed, and undirected. All Chase wants to do is survive college, hang out with friends, and make music. Knowing his best friend’s step-sister since they were fourteen, Annie and he have always had a love-hate relationship. The last thing Chase expects is to fall for Annie, but he knows he’ll never live up to her idea of the perfect man.

On the outside, Annie and Loden’s relationship appears picture perfect. But behind closed doors, Annie quickly realizes Loden isn’t the man he pretends to be. Every time her not so well laid plans crumble, and Loden proves to be not so Mr. Right, Chase is there to pick her up and brush her off. Will she realize the perfection she’s been searching for has been in front of her all this time?

*Long After is a companion novel to Sometimes Never and Before Now. Many of the same characters appear in Chase and Annie's story. However, it can be read as a stand-alone book.

**This is a new adult novel. Due to harsh language, sexual situations, and violence, this book is recommended for 17+.

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     I got a review copy of this book.:) Isn't that just freakin awesome??:)
     Anyway, Let's talk about this freakishly awesome book.

     I totally related with Annie which totally surprised me. Because in the first two books, she acted like a total bitch. But when I started reading this book I understood why she acted like. I also almost think the same way as her. This is the first time I think this has EVER happened to me.
"I think a lot about questions like that. The “what if” questions. What would I do if there were a fire? Tornado? Flood? Mugging? I even contemplate the less likely what ifs. What if a zombie apocalypse took place tomorrow? World War III? Nuclear explosion? Sometimes I spend so much time on those questions that I wish I could just shut my brain off. Because I’m always trying to improve my answers. Always trying to identify what problems could arise and adjust my answers accordingly. It’s a curse. But if the world ever suffered a zombie attack, I think I’d outlive most of the people on this campus. Just saying."
- Highlight Loc. 217-21 

And this is what happens inside my mind every once in a while. Like I'm walking through the mall and then there's a security guard like this.

And I'm like I could totally steal his gun when there's a zombie apocalypse. Which probably isn't even near possible.:)

She also has a not so mini OCD tendency. Which I think I also have but hers is way worse. BTW also self- diagnosed, like her.
     " Something most people don’t know about me is I have a mild form of Obsessive               Compulsive Disorder. Self-diagnosed."
- Highlight Loc. 358-59

Now let's talk about Chase. Hot hot Chase.:D

Don't you think that look would make you melt?? If not how bout this one?

Look at that bod!!!
Okay. I have no freakin idea how Annie could have resisted him all those years!! But Chase isn't only a hot bod, but he is also a very loyal person who would fight for those he loves. When he finally figured out he loved her, it was freakin awesome to experience it with him.
"I think I love her. Annie, I mean. I think this is what love must be like. That one person that’s always inside your head, running through your thoughts before you even realize you’re thinking about them. That person you like thinking about all the time because the image of her makes you smile. The one that has you counting time by how soon you can see her again. The one that makes you feel good just by sharing the same air. The only one you want to touch your fingertips to and relish the sensation of her skin against yours. To kiss. To really kiss—mouths, lips, tongues, teeth, breaths. Eyes closed and world blocked out. For me, that one person is Annie. Always Annie."
- Highlight Loc. 2905-11

That's one part of his reaction, the other was.
"Do you know how fucked up it is to have a realization like that slap you across the face? I hadn’t seen it coming. I knew I cared about her. I knew I was attracted to her. But love? It hit me like a freaking train. One of those super long trains that seem to have no end. And I’m lying on the tracks, being dragged as they rip me apart, over and over again."
- Highlight Loc. 2927-29  

Poor Chase.:(
"Love. It turns you into a murder planning lunatic with a penchant for stalking."
- Highlight Loc. 2945

I wouldn't mind if Chase stalks me.:D

Now let's talk about them together! I really love it if characters come from a love/hate relationship. I love it when they fight! They are sooo good at it. Even Chase loves it when they fight.
"I’d never willingly say this aloud, but I actually like Annie’s bitchy attitude. When I get her angry, that’s when she’s the most fun."
- Highlight Loc. 354-55  

Oh. And Annie is really good at fighting back.
“Speaking of small favors…” Her eyes flick down to my pants, then back up to my face.
- Highlight Loc. 344 

Wish I could be as quick as her. Now I gotta practice!:D

So anyway. This book is freakin awesome! Love it to the MAX! I love everything in this book except that it had to end.:( But all stories have an ending. Better get used to it.

My Rating:
- Jasmine ( Isn't my reviews getting better?:D)

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