Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Hi there!:D I don't think we have ever introduced ourselves officially. So here ya go... My name is Jasmine but I secretly wanna be called Sky.:) Shhhh.. I started this blog and I still have no idea how to do most of the stuff bloggers do. I tend to say awesome waaaaay too much. And I kinda put smiley faces every where.:) - SEE!:D I don't have a way with words like most authors and reviewers do, so Aly over here would be doing most of the reviews since she's waaaay better.

Now I shall introduce Aly my co-Blogger and AWESOME friend!:D I met her in grade school then blah, blah, blah all you need to know is she's probably the one that got me OBSESS (did I spell this right??) with books.

Oh, and we live in the PHIL!:D MABUHAY!:)

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