Thursday, December 26, 2013

[Review] Into The Storm ~ Melanie Moreland

She is a woman on the run. Pain, loneliness and terror are what she is leaving. Where she is headed doesn’t matter as long as it’s away from the hell her life has become. 

Joshua Bennett is trapped in a prison of his own making by the memories of his past. Traumatized and isolated, he is a reclusive writer, living a quiet, lonely life, his only companion his dog, Bear. It is what he knows, what he has accepted to be his life.

One dark night, one huge storm, and one ice patch brings them together. He finds himself with an unexpected houseguest with no memory. She wakes up a stranger to herself and the man watching her. Even more mysterious is the lack of any sort of identification with her or in her car. She is an enigma to both of them. 

Trapped by the storm and isolated from the outside world, they slowly open up, learning to trust and love, until the world once again shows up, threatening the fragile peace of their newly discovered world, and tearing them apart. 

There are many twists and turns as they struggle to find each other, overcoming both the mental and physical elements that keep them apart. 

A story about overcoming our fears, finding love and learning to live again.

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Jasmine's Review

This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review.

Got an ARC copy of this book but wasn't able to read it before the publish date.

This book is freakishly loooooong. I felt like it would never end! Not that it was a bad thing. Just saying that it was really long. At around 20% I seriously thought it was about to end already but when I saw the page thing at the bottom of kindle I was like no way!

Joshua is a writer of mystery. He also has a trauma of the outside world or something like that after being brutally  attacked outside his apartment. That attack almost made him lose his legs I would totally be traumatized too.

One winter night he found  Elizabeth a.k.a. Rabbit (love the nickname) crashed into a tree in the woods (his lawn I think). After bringing her home he found that she was badly beaten up (by her husband) but they don't know that since she lost her memories.

At that time the snow was really hard so they weren't able to go out much. And in that time they developed a relationship and blah blah blah. I think I might spoil the book if I say anymore.:) just read this never ending story,:)

This book was supposed to be reviewed by my co-bloggers but they didn't like it. So I gave it a try and it was good. Not freakishly awesome but good enough. It just seemed really interesting the way Joshua slowly fell for Rabbit (seriously that is really cute). 

Brian (Rabbit's abusive husband) yah. I hate him. Even after he told her the reason in the end. The reason was a really nice twist!!:)

Overall this wasn't so bad unless you have something against people who get amnesia.:)

3 rabbits 
You know why rabbits.

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